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Athlete Registration

運動員網上註冊系統 Athlete Online Registration System


Please read the instruction below before starting your Athlete Registration or Renewal of Athlete Card






請參考以下操作指引以完成申請及更新運動員證 或 申請成為領隊:




Anyone who would like to participate in the competitions held by Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association (HKCDBA)

is requested to be registered as an "Athlete" under the registry of HKCDBA Athlete Data Base. Person who registered as

an "Athlete" will be issued an "Athlete Card", which is used as a license for our Race Official to conduct identity check

during the sign-in progress of every race, only the originals of "Athlete Card" is valid for identity check


Please follow the user manual below as to apply for renewal and new "Athlete Card" or apply for a "Team Manager":

(For team manager who has NEVER been registered in any races organized by HKCDBA before, please follow the procedure of NEW Registration of "Online Registration Manual for Team Manager" before your athletes to do the athlete online registration.)


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