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教練守則  Code of Conduct for Coaches



1.   對待每一運動員為獨立個體,幫助運動員發揮其天份

2.   提倡公平競賽,尊重他人及接受其體育項目所釐定之規則條文及精神

3.   充實有關教練的新知識,提高個人水平

4.   確保運動員有一個安全的訓練及比賽環境,運動器材及設施達安全標準

5.   確保訓練及比賽符合運動員的年齡及體能

6.   讓運動員明白運動的益處,並鼓勵終身參與運動

7.   避免過度訓練運動員,並維持運動員的興趣及提升他們對體育的熱愛

8.   以身作則,不可粗言穢語

9.   避免作出騷擾及歧視行為,包括性騷擾,種族及傷殘歧視」



Coaches serve a number of important roles such as teacher, role model, mentor, guardian and trainer. Good coaches provide athletes with positive experiences in sports participation and help nurture sportsmanship. In order to ensure the quality of coaches, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee has formulated a Code of Conduct for coaches to follow:


  • Treat each athlete as an individual and help him/her to reach full potential.

  • Promote fair play and show respect for other teams. Accept both the guidelines and the spirit of the rules that define and govern his/her sport.

  • Keep up with the latest coaching techniques and seek continual improvement.

  • Provide a safe environment. Check that equipment and facilities are safe.

  • Ensure training and competition are suitable for the age and fitness level of the athletes.

  • Let athletes know the benefit of sport and encourage them to participate in sport throughout their lives.

  • Do not over train athletes. Maintain athletes’ interest and promote their enthusiasm towards sports.

  • Always lead by example and do not speak foul language.

  • Avoid any form of harassment towards your athletes. This includes harassment on sex, race and disability.

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