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「  香  港  龍  舟  年  」  慶  典  活  動  概  覽  

An Overview of "Hong Kong Year of Dragon Boating" Celebratory Events



5-seater Dragon Boat Demonstration

2016 / 4 / 10

-  感謝Champion Dragon Boat 製造商大連乾龍水上運動發展有限公司 ( 的支持,五人龍舟將於城門河初次露面

- 示範表演將於2016年4月10日的Samsung第59屆體育節龍舟比賽中舉行

-  supported by Dalian Qian Long Aquatic Sports Development Co Ltd (, manufacturer of Champion Dragon Boat, the 5-seater dragon boat will appear on Shing Mun River for the first time 

-  the demonstration will be arranged at the Samsung 59th Festival of Sport - Dragon Boat Competition scheduled on 10 April 2016

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