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「  香  港  龍  舟  年  」  慶  典  活  動  概  覽  

An Overview of "Hong Kong Year of Dragon Boating" Celebratory Events




"Let's Paddle this Summer!" Youth Program

2016 / 7 - 8

1. 活動簡介



2. 活動內容

- 希望通過《暑假齊來划龍舟》讓年青人有機會了解更多這項歷史久悠的水上運動之餘,更借此項饒富團隊及互助精神的活動,帶比青少年更多正面的能量。

- 提供年青人多一個平台參與更多人與人溝通的團體戶外活動,令青年人享受一個身心健康的暑假。


3. 訓練日期/時間

日期: 7 月 2 日 至 8 月 28 日,逢周未

時間: 上午 9:00 至下午 6:00 (每節兩小時)


4. 教練及舵手



5. 訓練人數

每隊參加者人數最少 10 名,最多 20 名。


6. 訓練地點

新界沙田石門安景街 51E 中國香港龍舟總會訓練中心 (石門地鐵站C出口)


7. 參加資格

1) 必須是非牟利慈善團體,提供青少年 (尤其是來自低收入家庭) 服務;及 

2) 參加者年齡必須介符 12 - 18 歲的青少年;及

3) 參加者必須能夠穿著輕便衣服游泳 50 米。


8. 費用

費用全免。以先到先得方式安排,建議每個地區支部最多可申請 6 節的課程,每節 2 小時。


9. 報名方法

請於 2016 年 4 月 15 日前,將填妥之報名表 (請參閱「附件 1」),以電郵、郵寄、傳真或親身遞交至香港銅鑼灣大球場徑一號奧運大樓 1032 室。逾期申請,恕不接受。


10. 服飾



11. 惡劣天氣之特別安排

1) 如訓練前兩小時,三號風球或以上、紅色或黑色暴雨警告等訊號仍生效,所有訓練將會取消。

2) 如遇雷暴警告、強烈季候風訊號、一號風球或黃色暴雨警告訊號生效,參加者仍需依時報到。訓練進行與否,均以中國香港龍舟總會作最終決定及安排,所有參加者必須遵從有關安排。

3) 基於安全理由,在訓練中途遇到任何情況或惡劣天氣,中國香港龍舟總會有權取消或延遲任何訓練。


12. 備註

1) 團體必須在每次訓練時,安排一名活動負責人或年滿18歲的工作人員帶備所有參加者的緊急聯絡資料到訓練中心當值,以備突發事情。

2) 所有參加者每次訓練都必須出示有效證件之正本供本會職員或教練查核。

3) 中國香港龍舟總會每節最多安排兩班免費課程,以先到先得形式安排有關之申請。

4) 除因惡劣天氣及場地維修外,預訂的訓練日期及時間一經確定後,絕不接受更改。


13. 查詢


電話:(852) 2504 8332 電郵

傳真:(852) 2577 1873 網址


14. 如對本活動詳情有任何爭議,中國香港龍舟總會將保留最終決定權。

1. Introduction

The fourth celebratory event of HKCDBA’s “Hong Kong Year of Dragon Boating” celebration series on “Let’s Paddle this Summer” Youth Program aims at offering non-profit making organizations that provide services and support to Youth an opportunity for teenagers to learn and enjoy dragon boating. The association has lined up with "The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong" and "Hong Kong Playground Association" this year on this trial run youth project.


2. The Program

  • Through Let’s Paddle this Summer! Youth Program, participants will be able to understand more about this cultural watersport as well as learn the importance of teamwork and improve the spirit of unity and cooperation.

  • Offer another outdoor platform for interpersonal communication and community participation.


3. Program Duration

Date:     Jul 2 to Aug 28, 2016 (every weekends)

Time:     9:00am to 6:00 pm  (2 hours per session)


4. Coach and Helm

To be provided by Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association.


5. Capacity

A minimum of 10 and no more than 20 participants per team.


6. Venue

HKCDBA Shatin Training Centre, 51E On King Street, Shatin (Exit C of Shek Mun Station)


7. Entry Requirement

  • Must be a non-profit making organization that provides services and support to youth (especially low income groups); and

  • Participants must be between the age of 12 - 18; and

  • Must be able to swim 50 meters in light clothing.


8. Fee

Free of charge.  Each organization is limited to a maximum of 6 sessions at 2 hours each.  All submissions will be arranged on a first come first served basis.


9. Enrollment

Kindly send the completed Application Form (please refer to Appendix 1) by email, post, fax or in person to Room 1032, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay on or before Apr 15, 2016.  Late entries will not be accepted.


10. Dress Code

Participants should wear appropriate attire and shoes covering toes and heels.


11. Arrangement under inclement weather

  • If typhoon signal No. 3 or above, red or black rainstorm warning signal is in force 2 hours before the training comments, all trainings will be cancelled.

  • If thunderstorm warning, typhoon signal No. 1, strong monsoon signal, amber rainstorm warning signal is in force on the training day, all participants shall report on time.  In case weather condition is getting worse during the training, HKCDBA reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training.  Participants should straightly follow the arrangement announced by HKCDBA.

  • In case of cancellation of the training due to inclement weather, HKCDBA will arrange another timeslot in due course.


12. Important Guidelines

  • There MUST be a contact person at the age of 18 or above to stay at the training centre with all emergency contacts of the participants in case of emergency and take call of the participants on all training days.

  • Participants must present original copies of their valid IDs to HKCDBA staff in each session for identification check.

  • On a first-come-first-serve basis, a maximum of 2 free boats per session will be arranged.

  • Except for inclement weather and venue maintenance, change of bookings is not allowed once the training schedule had been confirmed.


13. Enquiry

Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association        

Tel:(852) 2504 8332  

Fax:(852) 2577 1873  


14. All matters and disputes over this training program will be subject to the final decision of HKCDBA.


15. In case of discrepancies between the English version and Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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