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「  香  港  龍  舟  年  」  慶  典  活  動  概  覽  

An Overview of "Hong Kong Year of Dragon Boating" Celebratory Events



O50 萬歲龍舟邀請

O50 Grand Dragon Boat Invitational Races

2016 / 9 / 25

-    O50 萬歲龍舟邀請賽將於精工錶第十八屆香港龍舟錦標賽內舉行,賽事日期暫定為2016年9月25日。

-    “ 萬歲 ” 寓意長壽。

-    藉著10艘中龍,每艘 22位參加者各50歲以上,即總數 “ 萬歲 ” ,向中國香港龍舟總會祝壽。

- Another initiative for the celebration will be to organize a race called "O50 Grand Dragon Boat Invitational Races" (O50萬歲龍舟邀請賽) which will be held at the Seiko 18th Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships tentatively scheduled on 25th September 2016.


- The phrase "Wansui" (萬歲 literally "Ten Thousand Years") was used to wish a person's long life.


- With 10 entries of 22 racers each at the age of over 50, we will achieve a combined age of about "10,000" for all the racers to "wish" HKCDBA longevity.

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